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Being one of the lucky few, me and my friends including Ritvik Gautam and Ashmita srivastava got the free VIP passes to the SUNBURN festival in Goa.Having finished with our exams,we decided to make the best out of this amazing opportunity and the next day we were on our way to GOA- THE BEACH CAPITAL OF INDIA. We went in our car, and the way the roads paved around the mountains, with trees on each side, it felt like a journey to heaven. The journey was fun, and the anticipation of the festival made it more enriching.
Soon having reached Goa, we decided not to waste time, and checking quickly into a Hotel, raced off to the the nearest beach.

Blue sky, scorching sun, blistering heat, people walking barefooted enjoying the feel of the wet sand in their feet, some lazying around on the beach chairs, under the palms enjoying the children making sandcastles, young ups playing water sports, taking dives to cool themselves off. This was just a regular day on the Anjuna Beach in Goa in the middle of summer. 

After fooling around for a bit, taking dives, playing beach volleyball, snapping them up to upload them on Facebook and envy others of the amazing time we were having while others were sitting in their air conditioned rooms gazing at their laptops. After exhausting ourselves to the limit, we finally got back to our respective rooms. After resting for a bit, Asmita came to realize of the grave mistake she made. She challenged the sun of it's powers, and it burned her. What an IRONY!! She had SUNBURNS when she came to enjoy the festival of SUNBURN! As soon as we came to know of this, me and ritvik started laughing out loudly. That is us, Asmita does anything stupid, and we always make fun of her. And all she does is stand there, listening to us teasing her. then when we got over our laughing phase, we saw her hands where the agonizing sun burns now adorned her and she could not even move. Her mother had advised her to use the precautions, but being too lazy, she ignored it, and was now facing the consequences. After resting for a bit, we took to the resort at night to enjoy the beauty of Goa during night. Beautiful lighting around the Palm trees, cool breeze all around carrying the mouth-watering smell of the delicious Goan delicacies. So trying to walk normally, we accidentally ran into Kyra-The sunshine girl. At first we could not believe our eyes, that she was the Lakme expert. So to confirm it, we went upto her, and introduced ourselves.
Ritvik- Excuse me, are you Kyra?
Kyra-Yes I am. Do  I know you?
Asmita- No, actually, we spotted you, and could not believe that we ran into you. It's a pleasure meeting a beautiful lady as you.
Kyra- Ohh! Thank you. It's been a pleasure too Running into fans.
Me- So weren't you in Delhi? Last I heard you were modelling for Lakme at the Lakme Fashion Week.
Kyra- Yes I was. But now I am here for the Sunburn festival.
Harshal-Oh! Nice!
Kyra-I am here alone. Why don't you guys join me up for dinner. Maybe we can get to know each other.
Ritvik-Sure sure. It would be our pleasure to have dinner with such a beautiful lady. (Such a flirt he is)
Kyra- Great! Meet you at the Riverside at 9.
Harshal- Sure ma'am. Thank you for inviting.

Asmita, me and Ritvik just could not believe that Kyra-the beautiful Supermodel, the LAKME expert had invited us to have dinner with her. We were awestruck by her beauty, and her down-to-Earth nature just made us her huge fans.

Bang at 9, we reached the spot she had asked us to. She being the Sunshine girl, was right on time.
So we sat down, chit-chatted a bit. Got to know her some more. And while we were enjoying the time, she noticed the sunburns on Asmita, and asked her about them. So we told her about her carelessness, and asked her for some help. So she could enjoy the Sunburn festivals minus the sunburns, while trying to suppress our laugh.
Kyra-What happened to you???
Asmita-I got sunburned. Did not take precautions. And now I am facing the consequences
Ritvik- You should have taken the precautions. Didn't aunty tell you to? Such a lazy girl.
Kyra(laughing)- What are you gonna do now???
Asmita-I was hoping, you being the Lakme expert, could advice me on how to take care from now on.
Kyra-Well I would be obliged to.
Asmita-Thanks a ton Kyra. 
Kyra(smiles warmly)- First of all tell me, what do you do for your skin?
Asmita- I bath daily......
RITVIK AND ME laugh very hardly and almost fall of the chairs
Asmita-... and apply the Lakme lotion. and harshal and ritvik, SHUT UP!!! >:(
Kyra-Nothing else :O. You have to take better care of your skin dear. just applying the lotion, wont help you.
Asmita-So what should I do to take care of my skin, so that i can enjoy the summer freely.
Kyra-Okay. relax. First of all, try drinking as much water as possible-it wil not get you dehdrate, then wear those cowboy type hats- they will protect your face from the blistering heat, wear those big sunglasses to protect the eyes.
Asmita-Aye aye captain(Big Pirates of carribean fan she is)
Kyra(laughing)- Good. Now for the sunburn you have right now, apply loads of cold water along with bags of earl grey tea. It will remove the sunburns in an instant and you will be able to enjoy the festival without any hindrance.
Asmita-Thanks a lot Kyra. i noticed you have such beautiful skin. What do you do to maintain it?
Kyra-Thanks asmita.....
Me-Asmita, she listens to her mom.
A laughter riot followed, and Asmita looked helpless :D
Kyra-I pity you asmita.
Asmita- Kyra, you have no idea what i have to endure. This is nothing.
Ritvik-Asmita, tum hamari itni khoobsurat ladki ke saamne bezatti kr rhe ho. Dekhli tumhari dosti(Asmita, You insulting us in front of this beautiful girl. This is your friendship)
Me-Very bad asmita very bad.
Another laughter riot
Kyra-Stop harassing her boys. Asmita, you should use The LAKME SKIN EXPERT. It will protect your skin, and stop it from getting harme.
Asmita-Thanks a ton Kyra. It was great meeting you, and getting the nuggets about how to take care of the skin.
Harshal-Asmita, now will you listen to your mom?? :P
Asmita-YES HARSHAL I WILL. (frowning)

Meanwhile, Ritvik brought a rose, got down in his knees, and said-Kyra, you are so beautiful, lovely, charming, person. So I brought a Rose for a Rose.
Kyra- aww, thank you Ritvik. But you need to improve on your cheeky lines.
Ritvik- :P, i am trying to.

Then the dinner ended, we thanked Kyra for accompanying us for the wonderful dinner, trotted back to our room, and bid her goodnight.
P.S. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
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  1. first of all.....
    i can imagine the chat in actual...:P
    and even i can imagine dhanno, with the her unique and wierd expression meanwhile the chat with kyra....
    good work buddy.....
    but i think this will help dhanno a lot....:D :D

    1. Nikhil- thanks :D
      I had to retain the originality with Asmita. :D
      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hahaha... A nice read, enjoyed the whole post.I was smiling all the time reading! :-)
    Another good post! Well done!
    All the best for the contest!

    PS: Thank god you wrote that this was fiction at the end, else this could have been your last day! :-P

    Ritvik Gautam

    1. Ritvik- Thanks :D
      Do vote for the post ;)
      And I had to write it as a work of fiction. Nahi toh bali chadh gayi hoti mere


    1. soch le, Kyra se milne ka chance kho rhi hai!!

  4. but ,by the way....its not totally a work of fiction..the part where u guys laugh at me and harass me is true to the core!! :/

  5. @asmita- we never knew we harassed you :O

  6. @jasmeet- glad you liked it :)

  7. @geeta- glad that you liked it :)