Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The only escape..!!


As the website displayed Aditya's rank, he let out a sigh. He thought everything would be perfect after these results would be declared. He had imagined all those happy scenarios where his parents, his family, friends etc. would all be proud of him. But now since the results were declared, those dreams started to fade away into the darkness.

Another failure in his life. For the past two years, his life had been nothing but a loser's track file. No matter, how hard he worked, no matter how much effort he put, the so called "GOOD FATE" had refused to show up its face to Aditya.

Tense thoughts started to race through his mind, cold sweat developed over his forehead. Fear engulfed all his body. Sitting on his bed, blankly watching at the screen which flashed his failure was all that he could do. He stared in utter disbelief that all that he had waited for since two years all had gone down the drain in a few moments. His whole life was ruined. His phone started to ring, notifications, messages started to creep up, all with by his friends sharing out their success to the world.

 Somehow when you fail at a thing, and the your immediate surroundings tend to succeed at that one, you start to feel out of place. You don't wish to attend to their calls, reply to their messages. You just want to be left alone, far far away from the all the happiness that is prevailing around. The sadness kind of engulfs you. Every other success threatens you. Miserable feelings start to swarm into your mind. 

The same started to happen with Aditya. He felt irritated of his friends, he felt out of place with everybody. He immediately switched off his cell phone, and logged off. Still staring in utter disbelief, he started to think what answer would he now give to his parents. And what would happen to his career. In such anxiety he tried to drift off to sleep.

Next morning, seeing that the laptop was missing from his desk, he inferred it out that his dad must have taken it to see the result. He got shit scared not knowing whether to just lay in bed or to walk down and face his parents. Few moments he later he walked down his stairs, thinking that he will have to face it now or in a few hours. From above he could see that the website was shamelessly exposing his failure to the world. His hea hung down, he walked over to them and said "SORRY".

His parents looked at him with an eyes full of sadness. Their son had broken their dreams of him passing. Aditya was too string emotionally to bear anything in this world but not the look the eyes of his parents gave him. Tears started to climb out of his eyes, his throat choked up. He could only think of the old saying goes” EVERYTHING ALWAYS HAPPENS FOR A REASON" and wished it would come true.

Aditya just sat there, looking at his father as his father searched for schools he could get admission into. His father tried to comfort him a little. But all was in vain.

 A few days passed, he tried to push himself up, searched maniacally for any insti. That would take him, but all went down. Aditya thought that this was it, he was a complete failure, and he could not even pass an examination. He came to know about all of his friends who got placed somewhere or the other, were busy partying and celebrating all around. Guilt knotted within him. 
He just could not take him, and became emotionally unstable after that. He would just sit in one corner of his room, crying to himself, locking himself up, not eating anything or drinking anything for days. His parents started to get worried about him too. The had already deciphered that he was already in a state of acute depression. They would try to take him out to places, try to cheer him up. Comfort him that he would surely get into an institution. But nothing could bring him back up. 

And things started to go bad with each passing day. He would not talk to anybody, anything could trigger of his tears, he would just sit in his room doing nothing like his whole life had ended.
A few days later, his parents had to go out to run some errands, and asked him to take care of the house and himself. Being left alone hit him in the head. He started to punch the walls out of frustration, and then he could not take it anymore. He opened up the kitchen drawer and slashed himself to death.
He just lay there with blood all over. RESULTS had taken one more student in its flame

Suicides have started to become a trend in today's world.  As per records, 95-100 people (JUST FROM INDIA) commit suicide every single day, and a whopping 40% of them is from the adolescent group.
Some students just tend to carry the burden of the whole world on their shoulders, and thus expecting them to conquer high expectations, and when they fail to do so, some of them end up like ADITYA, or some regain their strength, and build up themselves gain, and prove it to the world, what they are capable of.

But how can the students like ADITYA be helped from not ruining their lives? How can these students be pulled out from their state of despair and prevent them to commit such blunders?

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  1. First of all, Very nicely written. The way you have described the feelings in the minutest detail, is the highlight of this post!
    An awesome topic, and nicely written. Perfect place to use the idiom - "Icing on the cake" :P

    What you have told is so true. The paragraph in italics in the beginning, is 100% raw truth. This has been a problem, and in my view, the only way to tackle this is to keep your mind in control. That's the only thing you can do - accept the reality. And I believe, if this is done in a proper way, students won't take actions as Aditya took.

    All the best! :-)

    1. @Ritvik, thank you for the review. Glad you liked it.

      Yeah. And the students also need to understand that one failure in life does not mean the end of their lives.

  2. Hey ! Itz Nice ! Great I mean! =) You Should Consider Being a writer in future! The Message certainly reached me and i hope others get is as well! Besta Luck ! =)

  3. Very true buddy. At this age, such failures seem that world has ended up at their feet and there is no more pathways to move forward.
    Its the pressure from peer group, parents and self expectations most of the times, however, it is more important whether these things inspire you to do your best, or these just make you sad and alas after results!!! :-) Great write-up.