Saturday, June 30, 2012

Two minutes..!!

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 29; the 29th Edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The topic for this month is 'TWO MINUTES'.

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 29; the 29th Edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton . The topic for this month is TWO MINUTES

"Excuse me, sir. We are about to land, please put your seat belts on?" The beautiful voice of the stewardess quickly woke me up from sleep. I couldn't quite remember how I got into an air-bound flight. Seeing the confused look on my face, the stewardess repeated, this time more sternly yet in a comforting manner asking me to put on my seat belt. Pinning the seat belt I looked around to grasp knowledge of what was happening and how did I get here.I asked the passenger sitting next to me where was this flight heading towards? As amazed as she was, Dubai was the answer that came out. Confusion took control of my mind. I waited for things to go as they were heading. Suddenly, all kinds of beeps started to go off inside the plane, oxygen masks came down, it looked like bad turbulence on the plane and BOOM the plane crashed. 

I woke up in an altogether different kind of glass covered cell. Thinking of it as heaven, I started praying but then I noticed all types of wires attached to my body.I was still in a state of  shock of what just happened. Opening my eyes I saw  computers and different devices and a doctor.

 How are you feeling, Mr X?

"Where the fuck am I? Why are these damn wires stuck on my damn body, and who the hell are you? What happened to that plane?"

“All your questions will be answered at appropriate time. Right now please remain calm."

"How the hell can you expect me to remain calm? That freaking plane fucking crashed into another plane, and you want me to remain calm. In what world can you expect me to? Do you even know what happened in that airplane? And how did I apparate directly from that crashed aircraft to this electrical room?

Sir, please listen to me. I am doctor House. You are right now inside Xavier Hospital, hooked up to a computer which enables you to travel into the future for TWO MINUTES, and right now we  are using this testing this technology to avoid the crash you just witnessed. We require your help, and use your piloting skills to prevent the crash from taking place. Right now, only this amount of information can be given to you.

Will you stop making fun of me like this, and quit playing with me? What do you mean that the computer would let me travel into the future? This is not a movie, do you hear me. We are not Arnold that we travel to future and back like it is a fucking airplane.

Sir could you like try swearing less, it makes me paranoid.

Is that so, then maybe you should try on this fucking, and try living through an airplane that crashed, and then find yourself in a god-for-saken glass room, with all sorts of wires attached to your body. Maybe then you will understand what is paranoid.

Sir please calm down. I know it is not every day that you witness an airplane crash, and then travel through time to find yourself in a glass covered bed attached with wires. But sir, we are here to save those innocent souls from the air crash, and for that we need your help. So I am again asking you to calm down sir.

But why the hell did you choose me, out of 7 billion people?

Sir, you have been chose, because your DNA is a bit complicated, and can withstand the alterations which the time travels causes, and thus causes no harm to you or your DNA win any ways. And that is why you sir have been chosen for this mission.

All right all right I get that I am mutant, but in what way can I help you in saving that aircraft?

Sir, you have been a trained pilot for Air Force stealth jets. I think some of that training might come in handy in manoeuvring that air craft and prevent it from crashing.

I get that, but I would be a total civilian there, how am I supposed to convince the god-damn-crew to allow me to fly that aircraft?

You will have to do that on your own sir. I am afraid I can't help you in that. 

Sir, time is running out, we are going to send you into that aircraft again in 10 seconds. Please calm down, and relax.

Sir, one more thing. The computer can transport you through time for only three times. If the plane crashes in the third time, you die in the plane sir.

What the hell???? (Just then the countdown begun)

(Computer's voice)

And it seemed like I was suck into the portal once again, and the only thing I was waiting for was the beautiful voice of the stewardess that was going to wake me up again.
"Excuse me, sir. We are about to land, please put your seat belts on?"

Ah!! There I was again, suddenly from a glass covered bed to an airplane which was about to crash, and I had to prevent it. *sigh*

I found myself exactly in the same seat and the same time. 2:03 PM. I had TWO MINUTES before I would transport back to that hospital. But this time I knew what had to be done in order to save these innocent lives. I quickly stood up, and headed for the cockpit. Standing there, blocking my access to the cockpit was another stewardess, who, no matter how much I pleaded, would not let me in. And due to that, I had just about a minute left. I tried convincing her, but she wouldn't budge. I wish I could tell her, that the plane on which she was riding, was about to be crashed in about 20 seconds, and if she wouldn't let me in, she would surely die. But sadly enough, I couldn't. And as I saw seconds tick by in my watch, the plane crashed, and I woke up again in the hospital along with the annoying doctor staring down at me.

What happened sir?

The plane crashed again, because the stewardess wouldn't let me fly the airplane. I wonder why? You know why, because I was a god-damn civilian, and civilians are supposed to remain seated and not fly aeroplanes for fun.

Oh, sir. This time we are going to send you in there, with a gun, and you may have to pretend to hijack the aeroplane, and then fly it out of danger. This is your last chance sir

Are you kidding me? You want me to hijack that plane? What if all the people pounce me, and tear my flesh out.

Sir you can try it. If you fail, you will another go and then maybe we can think of something.

Does this seem like a game to you? 

No sir. We have to save that plane. Are you ready?

Bite me.

Best of luck sir. I hope you return.

I bet your ass you are.


"Excuse me, sir. We are about to land, please put your seat belts on?"

Oh god. Will this thing ever stop? Again a TWO MINUTE disaster. I suddenly felt something near my waist. As I felt it, it was a pistol. Great!! Now I have to hijack the freaking plane. I got up as fast as I could, headed for the cockpit, got hold of the stewardess, pointed the pistol towards her, and ordered her to let me enter the cockpit and to shut up, or else she would die.( which seemed and irony to me). So after being let in and getting shocked glances from the pilot. I shot one in the arm, so that they would take me serious, removed him, took hold of the controls, ordered the other to help me steer the plane away, or else he would be seeing the stars. I had only one minute left. I gave it a full swerve to the right, and wished for the best. Soon we were far away from the destined location, and the aircraft had been saved.

Now I had to get the hell out of there so that people wouldn't see me disappearing into thin air. I quickly ran to the bathroom, and waited for another time travel. Slowly I felt like Arnold. I bet he must have had fun doing that.


As I opened my eyes, I saw the annoying doctor stare down at me smilingly, and congratulating me, and also thanking me for saving the aircraft.

Mention not buddy. But next before sending me directly into a crash, try giving me a heads up. It will be only better for you.

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The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.


  1. Sci-Fi eh? Great one at that .. Good luck Harshal .. All The Best for BAT-29

  2. @vikas khair- thanks a ton. :) Keep reading.!!

  3. Harshal! This one was truly zany, very good. Hv a suggestion, however! U mention that if u crash a second time u will die...probably change that to 'crash two more times'? Since he had already crashed once, the time he fails to convince the stewardess would be his second,wouldn't it?

  4. @CS sir- A great pleasure to have you here. ^_^

    and yeah, it was a grave error. Apologies on my behalf. I stand corrected.

  5. Enjoyed reading ...good luck for BAT !

  6. @TTT-glad that you liked it. Thanks a lot for the wishes. :)

  7. Good story .. liked it. Kept me wondering whether the attempt to save everyone would be successful or not at the end. Gripping one.

  8. @princy-thanks :)

    @aativas- :D :D. glad that you liked it.

  9. This reminds me of a Dean Koontz novel I once read. Very brilliant plotting. Nice read. Great work.

  10. @sandy- Kindly do give me the name of the book, I would like to read it surely. thank you for reading. :)

  11. That was brilliant Harshal! I loved the plot totally, I wish I can time travel too! Best of luck for BAT 29. Keep writing!

    Someone is Special

  12. Wow.. You've improved a lot on the narration... A pleasure to read...

    However the idea looks too familiar to me. Can't recollect how.. :-/

  13. @SIS- thank you :) glad that you liked it. :)

    @RG-Thanks a lot. :)
    think think and think ;)

  14. Nice Sci-fi read. :) ATB!

  15. Ah this reminded me of the movie Source Code. Though there you could not carry a gun along with you. Nicely constructed story. ATB

  16. @JJ- have heard of the movie, never seen it though. Thanks a lot.

  17. Totally diff interpretation of the topic . Good luck :)

  18. ohh....was "source code" inspired from this.....!! btw which template you use.......i mean the comments part looks good

  19. @jaish vtas-thank a lot
    @yatin- I did not mean that. It was just that, I did not see the movie so had no idea, that the two were related. I don't exactly remember the template, but it was from Way to blogging, you can check out the link in the footer

  20. Nice one Harshal!! All the Best!

  21. I think your post was so different than the rest. Kudos for it! It was interesting and enticing.