Sunday, August 19, 2012


Once upon a time, in a faraway world, there was a small place called LALA land with a population of only 3000. The people there were always united together, enjoyed and played with each other, went out to different places, and lived in peace and harmony. There was only one problem that prevailed there. The women folk of the town used to get very tired of the constant soaking of clothes while washing them and still the clothes would not get cleaned properly.This was a problem that persisted for a long time and still they did not find a solution to the problem.

Once out of the blue moon, a huge blue truck with SURF EXCEL came into the town, with blaring speakers and headed towards the town hall. Seeing this, the town folk followed it and suddenly they saw a huge blue tent on the hall ground. Thinking that it was something like a carnival they all strode in. When they were all in, a guy came onto the stage and spoke: ARE YOU TIRED OF SOAKING CONSTANTLY? ARE YOU TIRED OF THE CONSTANT STAINS THAT STAY ON YOUR CLOTHES FOREVER? DO YOU FEEL THAT YOU'RE SOAKED IN THE WORK AND DAILY GRIND OF WASHING CLOTHES? WELL, if you are then REJOICE. We are here to free you from the constant soaking and the hours of washing clothes.

Then they projected a video of an advert:

Well, all you ladies would surely be using the washing machines in this advanced world. How many of you use the front loading machines?
*A couple of hands went up*
and how many of you use the top loading machines?
*many hands rose up*
All right then. Let me introduce to you the two products that we have here which hare going to help you a lot and going to free you from the bounds of soaking. The revolutionary products are:
The surf excel matic: TOP LOAD AND FRONT LOAD.
Now you may ask the question that, how can the clothes get cleaned if they are not soaked? Am I right?
Well, Surf excel has done years of research and in this product, there are vibrating particles which travel inside the stains, thus removing them completely and releasing you from the burden of soaking. The particles penetrate deeply embedded stains and remove them effectively. This is revolution in the world of detergents. Every place where we travel, people are tired of the constant soaking they have to do in order to clean their clothes. But with Surf excel matic, you SOAK NO MORE.

Now what do you do if a stain comes up on your brand new sari or a shirt or t-shirt. You can always check out the tips here:Stain tips.
 And with that, each one of the ladies were given  complimentary pack of SURF EXCEL MATIC, and some Do's and Dont's on washing clothes. 

The ladies were overwhelmed with pleasure not believing whatever just happened, and thanked the SURF EXCEL TEAM for their constant endeavor to provide good and efficient cleaning to the society and free the ladies from hours of soaking.

At the end, all the women shouted in unison: SOAK NO MORE and went home happily not worrying about soaking anymore and thus taking part in other things which interested them and lived their lives happily ever after.