Friday, August 24, 2012

When love was the only option.

Cold winds, darker and longer nights were the scenes that were setting up in Ahmedabad, much like Zeeshan's life. Zeeshan was a 26 year old Project Manager in one of the software companies. Being a software techie for a very long time he was quite a senoir in the office with a handsome salary, a beautiful home, loving parents, and a decent group of friends.Life was going on a smooth phase for him. BUT he was slowly reaching the so-called MARRIAGEABLE AGE of his life, and his parents were creating profiles all over the matrimonial sites, arranging meetings with girls and so on
. Zeeshan tried to stay as far away from all this as possible. He did not go out to meet the girls or even checked them out online. The constant search for a "PERFECT BRIDE" was the thing that hurt him the most. He did not want to meet girls, he did NOT WANT TO MARRY A GIRL. He was enjoying the current successful phase of his life. Slowly the days transformed into weeks and weeks into months. Just like that two years passed and he ignored the topic of marriage and engrossed himself completely into work. but society always has something to say to everything going around, and cannot stop poking their nose into other people's lives. And so they started questioning Zeeshan's parents, commenting them to marry him off quickly, suggested different relations and did all they possibly could to marry Zeeshan. All this was fueling up Zeeshan's anger and one fine day he could not take it anymore. So he decided to talk to his parents about something that he had been hiding from them.

Zeeshan: Mumma and Papa, I want to talk to you about something.

Dad: Yes beta, bolo kya hua?

Zeeshan: First you both sit down and relax.

Mumma: Zeeshan, is everything okay? Any problem at work?

Zeeshan: Naa mumma, nothing like that. You first sit down. I want to tell you something..

(His  parents sit down)

Dad: Ab bolo, kya hua?

Zeeshan: I dont want to get married papa.

Mumma:  But why Zeeshan? What is the problem? You have already crossed your marriageable age. We have never forced you to get married, but someday or the other, you will have to.

Zeeshan: But mom, I dont want to get married to a girl.

Dad: What do you mean you don't want to get married to a girl? Who then will you marry, a boy?

ZeeshanExactly Dad. I am gay.

Mumma: Zeeshan, this is not a correct time to play such jokes. We are serious here.

Zeeshan: Maa, I am serious. Do you think I would joke about such stuff? I am shit serious.

*slap* *slap*

Zeeshan's dad just deposited two slaps on Zeeshan's face. The room froze, silence engulfed it.
Tears started dripping from his mom's eyes. Zeeshan's limbs froze. He did not dare look up to his parent's faces. He wante to tell his parents about this, long time ago, but he could not dare to do so, but it had to be done no matter what. The truth had to come out and he had to face the consequences.

He started to walk towards his room, when his dad said: You may now leave this house, and never show your face to us again. You have shamed this family, and we don't want any kind of connection with you. You may stay the night, but the first thing in the morning is leave this house.

Without looking up or replying he quietly trotted towards his rooom where he was about to face a long dreary night of unending thoughts, constant guilt and true feeling of loneliness overcoming him. He closed the door, sat by the window through which the cool breeze was trying to calm his thoughts.

The night seemed unending, so to avoid overthinking he started to pack his bags, took his most precious stuff and decided what to do next. Just that moment, his eyes fell upon a photograph of himself with his parents, all smiling and having no worries. He wished to be back in those days, where everything was normal, where his sexuality did not matter and he could live freely. Well that could not happen now. So he gathered all his stuff, wrote a note, kept it on the coffee table and left. Without looking back and tears in his eyes he just kept moving not knowing where to go.
In the middle of night, he decided to crash at a hotel. Keeping his emotions in check he worked out all his options and tried to forget whatever happened.

Soon, he shifted into a new apartment near his office, and completely focused on his work resulting into him being transferred into the head office at Mumbai. Leaving his past behind he shifted to New York. Luck was favoring him, and in the cultural city of Mumbai, he also found a partner who understood him completely, was also thrown out of his family for being a homosexual. Both instantly connected and got married. It was like a fairy tale love marriage.

15 years passed.

Zeeshan and John were still together and happy. They also adopted a child together, named him Frank and the whole family lived blissfully together. But somehow, Zeeshan still wanted to give himself yet another chance and wanted his parents to be happy with him. The accusation on him bringing shame to the family still pinched him. And so he decided to visit his parents and ask for forgiveness. So the whole family packed bags and headed towards Ahmedabad.
Zeeshan connected with his old friends and came to know that his parents still lived in the old house.

Walking upto that porch ahead of the gate, he looked at the house he spent some of the best years of his life. Tears started tripping down his eyes. John held him and asked to be confident and not cry.
*ding dong*

Coming!!!" Came a voice from inside.

The eyes met, hands trembled and a moment of silence followed.

Kaun hai??" An old lady asked from inside walking towards the door.

Zeeshan met her eyes and she was engulfed in shock and stillness. The whole family stood there for 15 mins. And suddenly his Dad burst into tears and hugged him hard. The whole family was in tears of joy, no one speaking a word but loads of things were understood. Introducing John and Frank to his parents, Zeeshan described all that had happened with him during the years he was gone. His parents were proud of what his son had achieved.
Dad: Beta, we are very sorry for whatevr we did to you. We were old school and could not take the news you gave to us properly and throwing you out. This house was never a home without you. You have never brought shame to ys, but you have made us proud. We apologize to you. Please forgive us. We also have saved the note you left and still cherish the old memories you gave us.

Zeeshan: No dad, please don't ask for forgiveness. You are my father and have every right to tell me what is wrong and right. Can we just leave the past behind us?

Mom: Enough about whatever happened. Let us take a fresh start. From now on, You, John and Frank will stay here and go nowhere. Now this is your home.

And this way the whole family lived happily every after.

If Zeeshan would have been forcibly married to a girl, it would have ruined two lives and bring happiness to none of them, but instead Zeeshan took the path of truth even though he knew the consequences he was going to face. But he still did it.

Homosexuality is often thought of as a disease or some malfunction of the body. But it isnt. Homosexual people are as normal as any other person in the world and they deserve equal rights too. The taboo behind Gay marriages has to be cleared off, and homosexuals need to be welcomed with open hands.

P.S: I hope I have done justice to the touchy topic. But it had to be written. Awareness has to be spread among people. Thank you.

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  1. Very true!
    I'm glad you touched such an important topic which needed attention and awareness.
    Well done!!

    1. Thank you Ritvik.
      It surely is a touchy topic which needs to be brought out in the open.

  2. Great choice of subject, and sensitive treatment. Love is love, doesn't matter where or how one finds it.
    Good luck with the competition.

    1. Yeah. As they say:"Love is blind".
      Thank you for the wishes. :)

  3. wow...that was too good and very well-handled

  4. Very true! Cant agree more. Closet homosexuals are not created by themselves, the society forces an individual to shove the differences about his sexuality in a closet.

    Would love to hear from you! Do stop by my blog! *cheers*