Monday, January 7, 2013

A poetic fight

She was a girl
He was a boy
She was beautiful
He was handsome
She was a successful woman
He was a hardworking man
She loved him too much
As he did to her.
She obeyed all his demands
took care of him nicely
He kept her happy
and showered her
often with gifts
There seemed nothing wrong
But one fine day
came along a tornado in thier life
Left by saying that
You look girly
You should grow a stubble
to look like a man.
Inspired, he was
Furious, she was.
Manly he wanted to look
Clean and class she wanted him to show
Started a series of fights
each more uglier than the other
He argued a lot
She did not stop either.
He stopped with the gifts
She stopped with the love
Finally a wise person entered
pacified the couple
neither were wrong
but neither were right
and in this fight
the woman was right
a calm talk
and a week of eating out
it took, for the man
to return to his senses
and in the end he shaved off his stubble
to look like a gentleman.
She stayed her ground
stopped cooking him
food, stopped loving him
for what she thought was right.
And eventually she won the fight.
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