Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Finding something new

So one day I was walking across the street aimlessly, wandering along the lines, you could say. Watching people, their activities, the different kinds of things that often go on in the marketplace. Walking on and on, I stopped by a book store with some really nice books, new editions some of which looked really interesting. Walking inside, I gaze around the store. It was a newly opened one and I had been around here since the past week only. To tell you, it was pretty swanky. There were these really great shelves, everything organized as per the buyer's demands. Learning books on one side, books for dummies on the other side. Fictions, non fictions auto biographies all were sorted out in a pretty neat manner. The store also had a archies gift center with all kinds of gifts. For the infant, young, old, boyfriend/girlfriend sister, brother, husband wife. You name it.Also accompanying the store was this really cool coffee place. Medieval themed cafe bar servin all kind of beverages to sooth up your insides. It was pretty amazing to see the old and worn out small shop being transformed into such a swanky new place that could attract a lot of readers, place to sit down, read your book, relax over a cup of coffee and just chill out for a while. Such are the places where sometimes I find solace in. These places offer you the exact kind of privacy as well as the exposure you need to get going. You see people with different activities and all of a sudden you get that positive vibe from the nature and the surroundings, it instantly cherishes your mood. So go out there and discover something new around you, just as I did today. And while you are at it, why not morph yourself into something you have always wanted to be, but haven't had the courage to. 


  1. //why not morph yourself into something you have always wanted to be, but haven't had the courage to. //
    We have the heart to enjoy such joyous place, but don’t have the courage to make that bloody step…

    Do visit my post "Oblivion"! Would love to see you by! *cheers*

  2. A very interesting little article, I must say. Well, 'more than the courage to succeed is the courage to begin', that's the thing.

  3. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.

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