Monday, January 7, 2013

One fine argument

I sometimes do not understand why don't women like stubble. I mean stubble clearly show the manliness of the person. The boldness, the epicness of the man is crystal clear as soon as he is spotted with a stubble.Anyway, so I had a kind of epiphany to grow a stubble. For the first few days, my wife did not mind it. But soon it became evident that she was not gonna support me for long. She kept saying that shave it off, shave it off, but I wasn't off the right mind and thus decided to IGNORE MY WIFE's POLITE REQUESTS. And thus one day like a over pressured pressure cooker, my wife burst.

"Do you know for how many days I have been telling you to shave off that ugly looking stubble?"

I know baba. But the thing is that, I really like to have a stubble. It gives a more masculine kind of touch to my body and my aura."

"Well, your aura does not kiss you or have sex with you, you get that. Better take it off."

Okay now I am going to skip some of the ugly sounding parts of the conversation, the ones I am really embarrassed about. But now I got really heated up in the argument and presented one of my best comebacks ever.

So, you fallen for the Gillete Shave it off campaign huh. What lame douchebag came up with that campaign. Facial hair of a person defines the man. It has been doing so time immemorial, and you want me to lose my identity. Look at Jesus Christ  even he had a stubble. Look at Shirdi Sai Baba, even he had a badass mustache and  a stubble. And you want me to shave  Tell me one thing. Do I not have better things to do in my life other than shave off my manliness.  What is wrong with you women folk? Why can't you let us men folk grow a stubble peacefully and comply with it. You have got to be kidding me with this shaving crap. If one fine day, Gillette ties up with Revlon and start a Shaved Men Love Lipstick campaign, will you go and buy me out some lipsticks also. Who am I without my facial hair. Not Adolf. Without my stubble, I will become a doll perhaps. If you want a doll instead of Adolf, I will get you a Barbie instead  You should go to Delhi and convince Manmohan Singh to Shave and then apply Fair and Lovely on him. I thought you could differentiate easily between a MAN and a douche bag  I just cant understand what kind of revenge is Gilette taking from us men. Gilette founder also had a badass mustache then why not me and you want me to shave. What has happened to you?

What? What nonsense are you saying? All right. Here's your pillow and bed sheet  Go sleep on the couch and enter my bed only when you have shaved off your manliness.

Okay I admit I went a bit far, but come one those were all valid points. At least according to me. Anyway, now I had to shave off the stubble cause I loved my bed too much and also it was kind of cold in the winter. So this is how my wife convinced( read:forced) me to shave off my stubble.

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  1. Get inspired by Manmohan Singh, baba, Jesus, will they? Women lovvvvvvvvvve that stubble on Brad Pitt, Clooney, Oberoi too!!!!

    Do visit my blog! Would love to see you by! *cheers*